Some tips to keep you at Level 10!!!

4 March 2021

1. Listen to a variety of motivational speakers every day. Each one
can inspire you and remind you of the importance of staying focused
on the important things. People often say they want to be more
positive but are constantly filling their brain with junk. It is virtually
impossible to become positive without changing behavior. Albert
Einstein’s familiar definition of insanity; “doing the same thing over
and over again expecting different results” implies that we need to
change behaviour in order to see different results.
2. What is consumed and planted in our minds is critical to a level
10 life. If you want to change anything you must have a burning
desire to do so. Start telling yourself a story of empowerment and
stop any flow of negativity. What you focus on expands. Dream big,
imagining how it would look if your life was perfect in every way.
3. Do what you love, this gives you natural energy and provides
internal motivation.
4. Commit to excellent, get into the top 10% in your field or
5. Develop a clear sense of direction.
6. Refuse to consider the possibility of failure. If you do not have
a way to go back, you must move forward.
7. Invest in your brain and dedicate yourself to lifelong learning.
Commit to listening to a podcast or reading a new book weekly. This
will continue to fuel the fire. Keep the fires going, your mind
focused, and nothing will stop you from achieving your success.
How To Bring Your Business And Your Life To Level 10!!!
8. “When the fire dies down, the predators come in!” (Mike Lipkin)
This is from a story about a group of people on an African safari
where the keeper tells them that they must continue to put wood on
the fire at night otherwise the “predators” will come. In business and
life, the predators are the bad thoughts and habits that keep us from
moving forward towards our goals.
9. Attitude is everything, be positive. Your life is exactly what you
make it through your mental attitude.
10. A popular formula used by a number of successful executives is
E + R = O. We cannot always control the events (E) that happen to
us however we can control the Response (R). By focusing on the
Response, we can literally control all Outcomes (O)!


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