Faux Pas #1

5 December 2022
There are 3 major Faux Pas’ in business, here is the first: Not admitting there is a problem.
The first step in evaluating the success of your business is to assess successes and losses, admit there may be a problem, and make plans to correct those issues. Looking over the aspects of your business that need improvement can be overwhelming, maybe even discouraging, but do not despair, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The first task is to identify your business’ assets and liabilities. If you do not have a clear understanding of what those areas entail, then one of the most efficient methods is to do a survey involving both your customers and employees who will provide the necessary and valuable feedback. Populating a simple chart that lists the assets and liabilities will provide a snapshot, an inventory, of where the business is at in that moment in time.

Whereas the “Why” is important to a company and individual’s purpose, the “What you’d like to achieve” is another vital piece to the success puzzle. How you got there is not as important, and the future or the dream is the most important thing. It is all about the “what”, if you do not know what you want, there is probably a good chance you will never get it.

Understanding where you are at the moment is critical. Admitting that there are challenges and or problems, and putting together decisive plans to tackle them are important and crucial steps towards achieving success in business and living life at level 10.


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