Faux Pas #2

23 January 2023

There are 3 major Faux Pas’ in business, here is the second: Not having a roadmap.

Once you have identified the obstacles that are in your way on the path to success, you must have a roadmap, a plan on how to deal with them. It is similar to planning a long trip with your family. Without a map, it may be difficult to reach your destination. You will eventually find your way but with a little bit of planning, you can avoid countless hours of driving around pointlessly.

The business roadmap is a critical element to success. With your team, take time to plan your path to success. Knowing what you want and where you want to go are the most important factors in achieving business heights and living a life of happiness and success. When we have clear goals and intentions and we apply and focus to them, with perseverance and determination, nothing can sway us from that path to success and happiness.

Write down your roadmap and review it often. Your roadmap should be clear enough to see a ten-year target. From there, move to the three-year picture. Next, look at the one-year plan and break this down into ninety day intervals. One thing is for sure, if you know what you want you will get it. Once you have identified where you are going, the next step is to figure out the “How” to get there.


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