Faux Pas #3

30 January 2023

There are 3 major Faux Pas’ in business, here is the third: Not getting the proper guidance.

When you have identified your assets and liabilities and created a roadmap for change, it is time to take action, and start getting things done. Understanding where your business or life is at and where you want it to go is relatively easy. How to get there takes more time and understanding. It is important to understand that every business and person is different and unique. The definition of wealth and happiness differs in every situation and understanding these differences is crucial to paving your road to success.

It’s critical for you and your company’s success to obtain the proper guidance, remember that the best athletes all have coaches. Determine what your needs are and seek out a great “coach” that can bring you to the next level.

Additionally, it is important to remember there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Some basic research of other companies will uncover examples of success and innovation that can be followed step by step. Look for simple solutions, ones that work for you and your business. Success leaves clues.


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