First Nordique – Outdoor Nature Spa in Manitoba

CASE STUDY: First Nordique – Outdoor Nature Spa in Manitoba


Total project cost $11,000,000


  • Assessed interest/viability of project
  • Contacted owners to establish franchise framework
  • Created team members matrix
  • Contacted local promotion and business entities to establish level of interest
  • Did familiarization tour of Le Nordik and similar projects
  • Attended SPA conferences

Project Framework:

  • Establish list of consultants required and engaged same
  • Launched search for appropriate project site
  • Created business plan
  • Obtain grant for feasibility study
  • Launched initial search for funding partners
  • Engaged local promotors and promotion agencies
  • Organized several Public Consultations
  • Contacted City of Winnipeg, Golf Services, Zoning, etc

Project Development:

  • Located project site
  • Engaged site owners in development of agreement framework
  • Coordinated lease negotiations with City of Winnipeg
  • Initiated preliminary sketch design and budgeting
  • Established quality, cost and schedule mechanisms and controls

Project execution

  • Confirmed staffing requirements
  • Confirmed local providers and suppliers
  • Reviewed design and working drawings
  • Reviewed tender submissions
  • Verified award of construction contract
  • Attended site construction meetings
  • Acted as owner’s representative in Winnipeg
  • Worked closely with Le Nordik Québec to coordinate promotions and marketing

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First Nordique

First Nordique – Outdoor Nature Spa in Manitoba

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